About Twig & Grace

Dezley Hughes

Dezley Hughes heads up the team at Twig and Grace and is a stylist and an artistic florist who has been supplying fantastic designs to her clients for over 20 years. Dezley has an extensive background in the industry, having a store in NSW for 10 years before setting up in the Noosa Hinterland. Specialising in colour, texture and style, Twig and Grace will provide you with unique fresh experience for all those celebrations and special occasions. Dezley has been a key speaker at various festivals and events and hosted some kickin’ workshops.

Michael Hughes

Michael Hughes is our design and construction master. Michael and his qualified team work with our clients to design and build incredible sets, furniture and other specialty items.

From sketching the concept through to building it onsite, if you want a truly custom design, Michael is your man.

The Team

We are artists, musicians and dreamers. Together with our team, we are whole-hearted in everything we do. We believe in integrity and try to do everything with excellence. We love our family and friends. We are dog-loving, gin and tonic sipping, crazy-dancing, fun-loving food enthusiasts. We are owned by a Dachshund called Ralph Klaus. We plant flowers and grow veggies. We love people. Most of all, we believe in being true to yourself and making dreams come true.

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